Tayto Park

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Tayto Park is committed to conservation both locally and globally. It is their goal to connect people with nature and to inform, empower and inspire people to act. They have put together programmes highlighting local and global conservation issues. Many of their programs are spearheaded by their own dedicated professionals. In other cases, Tayto Park supports programs globally led by renowned conservation organizations and experts.

Address & Map
Tayto Park
Ashbourne , Meath
Phone: 0035318351999
53° 32' 48.8832" N, 6° 27' 55.8288" W
Meath IE

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Species Highlights
Disclaimer: this list is not exhaustive. Please check the zoo's or Aquarium's website for up-to-date species information.
  • American Bison, Barn Owl, Japanese Crane, Bantam Chicken, Nene Goose, Turkey, Indian Runner Duck, Guinea Fowl, Mandarin Duck, Tumbler Pigeon, Indian Peafowl, Harris Hawk, Black Swan, Pygmy Goat, Highland Cattle, Soay Sheep, Sicilian Donkey, Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig, Kune Kune Pig, Ouessant Sheep, Meerkat, Ocelot, Eurasian Lynx, Fishing Cat, Skunk, Corsac Fox, Aardwolf, African Crested Porcupine, Raccoon, Ring Tailed Coatimundi, Common Squirrel Monkey, Tayra, Asian Short Clawed Otter, Serval, Amur Tiger, Amur Leopard, Puma, Bald Eagle, Emu, Greater Rhea, Bennett's Wallaby, Guanaco


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