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Hi - I'm Matt!

Hello! My name is Matt and I live in Plymouth in the UK. In my spare time I enjoy visiting zoos; photography and building websites so I thought I’d put it all together and build a zoo website!

My aim is to provide a resource for UK Zoos and to build a community that will appeal to both zoo fans as well as those simply looking for ideas as to where they can spend a good day out.

Why did I build this site?

I go to my local zoos quite a lot: to take photos and enjoy the peace and quiet. I'm always looking for new zoos to visit and new animals to photograph. When I search online, all I tend to get in the search results are individual zoo sites and the zoo index sites that are out there aren't well kept and I could not find a modern site that offers an index of zoos; a forum; reviews capability and a photo gallery so uk-zoos.co.uk is my solution for combining all of this content and functionality in one place.

What do you think?

I’d love to get your feedback on the site good and bad. You can contact me using the contact form or send me a message via the FaceBook Page.

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You have set up a great

You have set up a great website about zoo, i like it a lot. Such websites are a great source of information about animals. I have bookmarked the website to read more articles and information about animals and different zoo.

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